Can you give me an author’s contact info?
No. Any information that we have for an author is kept in strict confidence. However, most authors have a website and offer a way to contact them there.

How do I become a reviewer?
Needs for reviewers will be posted when required and details will be posted along with it.

How can I become a featured author?
This is something that we determine based on our reaction to the author and his/her ability to tell a story. Stand out above the rest and we’ll be calling for you. Having said that, don't forget the first step – get us your novel.

How can I get my novel reviewed?
For starters, get your novel to us. How do you do that? Start by sending an email to Be sure to include your name, your novel's title, the best way to reach you (phone, email, etc...) and a brief synopsis. If your novel is a fit for what we're looking for, we'll follow-up with more instructions via email.

Note: We will be fair but honest in our reviews. Think of us like the People's Choice awards only for novels. If your novel stinks, we're going to state that in the most professional way possible. If it's great, we'll tell it and if it's outstanding, we'll offer you a spot in our Featured Author line-up.

What do your ratings mean?
  • 5 BlogsOutstanding! Superb! An absolute must read!
  • 4 BlogsAbove average; definitely worth the time.
  • 3 BlogsI liked it. Read it if you're looking for something new.
  • 2 BlogsPoor. Poorly written. Poorly Edited. Poor Plot.
  • 1 BlogsTerrible. You'd have more fun watching a turd flush.
I have an idea for the site, how do I tell you?
Got a great idea for The Novel Blog? Drop us an email at We want your feed back so be sure to forward it over to us. If we like it and implement it, maybe you'll make our news.
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