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August 24, 2011 – Cincinnati – After making headlines with its launch list of horror authors – including horror master Ramsey Campbell – international publisher Samhain Publishing, Ltd. has announced a robust follow-up list for its new Samhain Horror fiction imprint.

According to Don D’Auria, Executive Editor for Samhain Horror (, the response to his call for submissions has been extremely gratifying. “I’m pleased that we will be featuring established horror authors who are a credit to the genre, as well as new voices who promise to raise the bar for the future of horror,” D’Auria says. “We hope that this mix of extraordinary tales will continue to please fans of the horror genre.”

Samhain Horror will initially release two new horror fiction novels each month, with additional author features and information available on their website,

New works/authors to be carried by Samhain Horror include:
•Bloodthirst in Babylon by David Searls, author of Yellow Moon
•Nightmare City by Maynard Sims, author of Black Cathedral
•Genesis of Evil by Nile Limbaugh – Debut author
•B-Movie Reels by Alan Spencer – Debut author
•House of Sighs by Aaron Dries – Winner of the Rue Morgue/Leisure Books/ChiZine "Fresh Blood" Contest last year for best first novel.
•Hedge End by Peter Mark May, author of Demon
•Wolf's Trap by W. D. Gagliani (re-release) – First in the Nick Lupo werewolf series, of which Samhain Horror will publish all-new Book Four (Wolf's Edge) during its October launch.
•Girl Blue by Alan Nayes, author of the critically-acclaimed Gargoyles

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I so love having my kindle! I've sapped up a bunch of these books, and a couple I'd read earlier.

B-Movie Reels was pretty fun and I'm super keen to get into Hedge End -- which has such a fun, old school concept.

The Lamplighters, which was from a few months back- was fantastic. And House of Sighs is just amazing - what a screwed up, intense book- unlike anything I've ever read before. I haven't been shaken up so badly by a book since reading Jack Ketchum.

Samhain are doing SUCH a good job!
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