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Timeless is an entrancing tale of time travel, love, and vengeance. Alexandra Kane falls desperately in love with a man she believes is perfect, only to discover he has lied to her all along. When Lance Reed finally comes clean, he fears he has lost the most important thing in his life. As the two struggle to regain trust and their relationship, Alexandra prepares to travel back in time, along with her friend, Dr. Andrew Rowe. However, her trip does not go as planned when a hateful woman ruins the mission.

The book was sensual and romantic. The last half of the book, packed with thrills, follows Alexandra as she travels through time and faces one obstacle after another. There are several emotionally charged scenes that will have you flipping the pages, anxious to see what happens. The story ends with the perfect set-up for a sequel, so don’t expect a happily-ever-after. The downside is that the editing could have been better. There was a bit of head hopping in the beginning of the book, along with run-on sentences, missing commas, incorrect words, etc .throughout the book. The story itself was good enough that even with those issues, I would read it again.

Samantha McHargue has created a tale of romance and suspense that is both entertaining and satisfying. I can only hope there will be a sequel.

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There is a sequel now and a revised edition of the first book. Any interest in doing another review? I always appreciate them. :)
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