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Previously, in AUTUMN: THE CITY

Michael and Emma have continued to make their way across the countryside, stumbling across a military convoy in the process. Out of options, they make a last ditch effort to reach the safety of the military’s underground bunker. In a thrilling, balls-out run, their RV bumps, slides, and crushes its way across an open field of undead before finally skidding to a halt with the bunker doors closed securely behind them.

PURIFICATION opens a few weeks after the harrowing race to the security of the military bunker. Cramped and closed in tight quarters with distrusting soldiers, it’s not long before the mass of undead attention they’ve drawn starts causing problems for the remaining survivors. In an effort to remedy some of the issues the undead have inadvertently caused, a catastrophic error in judgment is made and turns the refuge into a slaughter-house.

With what little supplies they have, the survivors gather into the remaining vehicles and race off into the dead-infested dark, once again faced with an uncertain future.

PURIFICATION is an adrenaline laced cocktail that will have you screaming at the pages to RUN! Gorier and more violent that any of its two precursors, this is most the fulfilling AUTUMN yet, and believe me, IT WILL THRILL YOU.

The action scenes are nothing short of phenomenal. The race across an athletics field through a crowd of undead will leave you breathless until the last survivor claws his way onto a hovering helicopter. A group of survivors struggle for survival by crowding into a standing room only bathroom in a scene of terror that will crank your claustrophobia to a hundred and have you screaming to be let out.

David Moody has definitely hit his stride with PURIFICATION and one can only hope that this series get turned into a movie or another TV hit like THE WALKING DEAD.

Final Verdict:

Not since Stephen King’s THE STAND have I read such an in-depth, character driven post apocalyptic story that’s been baptized in the simplest of human instincts: survival.

What makes David’s AUTUMN series scary isn’t the dead coming back to life; it’s the emotional realism that he exposes. Whether it’s a person who’s been pushed to the edge and charges out into the mass of the undead out of desperation, or the person who’s chosen to give up, accept his fate and enjoy one last cigarette before the door comes crashing down, David makes you feel every touch, fall, and last gasp of breath.

The fourth entry to the AUTUMN series, DISINTERGRATION, is slated for a November 22nd release and will bring this epic series to an end. While I’m looking forward to this final chapter, I’m also saddened because I’ll be saying goodbye to an old group of friends that have been with me since the very first page.


AUTUMN: DISINTERGRATION actually deals with two separate groups of survivors and AUTUMN: AFTERMATH will return with everyone that we've come to know and care about. Thank you David for the clarification.

Yes... thank you for hitting the nail on the head as to how wonderful his work really is. I can barely contain myself anticipating Disintergration and finally Aftermath. I feel like a kid patiently waiting for my parents to place my presents under the tree.
Thank's Marie, I agree completely! I'm anxiously awaiting for my ARC of Disintergration to come in the mail. :)
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