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Jack Sloan is trying to take a breather after he and his wife narrowly escape death. But while horseback riding in the back woods of his ranch he stumbles across a satchel full of cash. Unsure of what to do he brings it home and makes some phone calls. He quickly discovers that the money is attached to the kidnapping and murder for ransom of a prominent New York hedge fund manager. Suddenly both are sucked into a mystery that could very well take their lives.
Along with the FBI and AFI, Sloan discovers that the abduction may have been staged, that the satchel of cash is nothing compared to the 500 million that is actually missing, and that everyone involved, the victim’s wife, mistress and the boss of one of Mexico’s largest drug cartels, are looking for the ultimate payday.

17 Degrees North is a fast paced and nerve twisting mystery. With every turn of the page there seems to new plot twists and attacking assassins. No one is who he or she seems to be. No one is to be trusted. I was caught up in the story and the lives of the characters from the very first chapter, caring for the innocent victims even though some were only alive for a few pages. A crafty thriller, this second installment in the Jack Sloan series is certain to get your blood boiling and your mind racing. And just when you think you’ve figured it out. PLOT TWIST.

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