Review: STUCK
RATING: 3 Blogs
Annie Page must make a heartbreaking decision. Leave her children alone and go out into a post-apocalyptic world in order to find the food, or stay safely inside, but let them suffer with hunger. She chooses to venture out, for her husband is unable and finds an unimaginable despair and a fate that only such a situation could bring.

When I won this book on Goodreads I was excited, as I’d read a few chats about how good Manning’s writing was. Though the book is a depressing and mournful read, I found it to be filled with amazing imagery and emotion. Manning definitely has a way with conveying despair, but I was unsure of the motive behind the storyline. There were loose ends concerning Annie’s husband that confused me. I think the fact that the book wasn’t really a book at all might have something to do with it. The short story was a morsel at 15 pages, and the remainder of the book was the first chapter advertising another one of her works.

Manning definitely has an amazing talent, but it was overshadowed by the lack of story and character development. If Manning had made this project even double the size, which is still rather short, she might have something. It’s obvious that Manning has a lot of inspiring ideas and getting them on paper is hard before the loss of momentum, but making sure that the stories are crafted properly, whatever their length is just as important in order not to loose the reader.

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