Review: HIDDEN
RATING: 4 Blogs
When Lacey Campbell is called to a crime scene for her expertise as a forensic odontologist, she shockingly identifies the remains of her college friend who was kidnapped and believed murdered by a serial killer over a decade before. A killer she narrowly escaped. The remains are discovered on the land of Jack Harper, a quasi mogul in town, and as the investigation moves forward evidence begins to build against Jack, Lacey just can’t seem to control the feelings that boil over whenever he is near. ?When witnesses for the prosecution of the 11-year-old case start to turn up dead and Lacey’s life is threatened again, Jack makes it a priority to protect her. But is he just being nice or is he too close for comfort.

For someone who NEVER reads romance novels, I must admit that I went in somewhat jaded; with the bitter taste of those raunchy paperbacks I used to read from the grocery aisle. But Hidden was nothing like those. The mystery at hand had me quite engrossed and flipping pages at lightning speed. Although, I would have liked a bit more character development for Lacey and Jack. At times I felt that their “sudden romance” in the book wasn’t built up enough, the longing looks and hot flashes they both experienced when standing next to each other, didn’t really build enough momentum for me.

Overall however, there was a hook that kept me reading. A little something that Elliot threw in, that I just couldn't put my finger on, but it promised an entertaining read and that’s just what I got.

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