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After years of living in a world without the ability to ever see the faces of the people they come in contact with; those they pass on the street, work with, love and have killed, six strangers from around the world, suddenly see one another. With the urgency to discover why, all of them are strangely lead to an old Gothic Vermont chateau that houses the world’s leading experts in Prosopagnosia.

But before they can rejoice in the hope of some miraculous recovery, they all realize that there’s something sinister about the experts at this institute. As they try to survive a seemingly supernatural killer, only one of them holds the answer to their conditions, and he’s trying to cover his tracks.
I have to say that the more I read of David Sakmyster the more he’s becoming a favorite of mine. Blindspots is such a breath of fresh air in the preconceived idea of a successful thriller. At no point did I skip ahead, or lay the book aside for later. They story was original (which is rare to say the least), powerful and with a clever spin on what we all think of as supernatural these days (vampires and werewolves). Blindspots is the perfect thriller to take you on a nail-biting journey that actually makes you think…what if?

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