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When a deadly pathogen is released into the Washington subway and kills three, Dr. Samantha Owens is called on for her expertise as a forensic pathologist. Though she’s recently relocated from Nashville in order to start her life over, after losing her entire family, she readily throws herself into this terrorist’s path with the help of her boyfriend, Xander Whitifield. A former Army Ranger who seems to know the individual that would have the means and inclination to cause such devastation, takes Owens to the dark depths of a survivalist commune, where hacktivism and a deep seeded resentment towards society grows daily.

Fast and furious, is how I read this book. As a thriller, I found that it had the perfect amount of dead congressmen (one), weird off beat characters (a handful) and an interesting way all the victims (were they victims) were connected. Considering I didn’t read the first novel of the series, which explained Dr. Owen’s past, I would have liked a little more depth regarding the lead and her beau. Ellison seemed to just skim the surface of what made them tick, and reading this as a stand-alone (I just might have to go find the first book, A Deeper Darkness, of the series) I found it hard to identify with them. But the twists and thrills were more than enough to keep me turning pages.

I very much look forward to the next installment.

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